Quality is integral part of our operations here at I Precision. We operate tight controls over our manufacturing, engineering and logistics of the products and services produced. This process starts at the control of incoming raw materials into our MRP system Factory Master with the emphasis on complete traceability via Bar-coded route cards and work instructions.

Quality Policy

At I Precision, we value our employees and all our interested parties as our utmost valuable assets. As a manufacturer of high precision engineering parts, I Precision provides Machining, NDT Inspection, Sub & Full Assembly and Engineering Solution Services. It is I Precision’s goal to strive for excellence and continual improvement in all our activities by fulfilling the following objectives and values to achieve its strategic direction.

  • We aim to maintain high productivity and efficiency of safety work practices and services through the use of an effective management system.
  • We aim to produce and deliver outstanding and reliable quality products to meet the customer’s requirement and satisfaction through continual improvement of our Quality Management System.
  • We are committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment to protect the well-being of all our employees and stakeholders as we believe QHSE performance contributes to our business profitability.
  • We are committed to minimize any incident or near misses as well as accident at workplace that can lead to injury or ill health in meeting our target for excellent achievement complying with all applicable legal requirements.
  • We will continually improve our operation and services by utilizing resources efficiently and minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment by reducing waste, discharges and emissions and ensuring our product and services are harmless to the environment.
  • We will ensure all employees have a duty to understand the hazards in their workplace, comply with safety rules and put neither themselves, nor others at risks.


Quality Control & Inspection

List of QA/QC Equipment’s/Gauges

  • Profile projector
  • 3 axis CMM 1200mm (W) X 3000mm (L) X 1000mm (H)
  • Sets of outside micrometers ranging from 0 to 1000mm
  • Sets of inside micrometers ranging up to 1600mm
  • Standard oil and gas thread gages such as UN, EUE, IF and etc.
  • Gage maker mic-trac
  • Gauges for measuring special features such as ring grooves, tapers and etc.
  • Roughness testers
  • Borescopes


Hardness Test

  • Hardness check using King Brinell method
  • Hardness value marked with low stress marking machine



  • Dye Penetrant Inspection
    • 2 qualified level 2 inspector available internally

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
    • Currently being outsourced to qualified NDT companies.